James Fraser and Miguel Gallardo opened Interface Audio Video with a shared passion: to enhance, excite, inspire, and invigorate the audio and visual ambience of everything from concerts, sales meetings and worship services to movie nights at home. In the years since, they have never forgotten the reason they went into business: to reflect high standards, raise the bar on what’s possible through technology, and do what they promise, ensuring systems they install work easily, reliably and predictably every time.

When you work with a company that makes careful and informed choices from among today’s best available equipment and components, you enjoy truly extraordinary results.

Call soon and let us customize a plan for your project or event with just the right mix of professional services.


Local Experience

Call us for details about our AV solutions for clients in the Carolinas such as Southminster, the Wine Shop at Foxcroft, River Gate and Dilworth, Solace and Pediatric Dentistry, and Search Solutions Group.

Global Reach

We’d also love to tell you about how we have braved countries without modern infrastructure to plan and install solutions. Ask us about the Commencement Hall we did for a school in Nigeria and the PA system we installed at a mega-church in Guatemala.