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    • The Technology Behind the Defiance Subwoofer September 25, 2018
      Keith Dowd, Paradigm’s Director of US Sales, said it best when he was quoted for the press release for the Defiance series, “When bass is properly reproduced, it is the foundation in music and movie soundtracks. It’s easy to design a subwoofer that makes a lot of noise, but a subwoofer with vanishingly low distortion […]
    • Untitled August 21, 2018
      How Do You Get Great Sound Without Disrupting the Décor of the Room?Your home is decorated, and now it’s time to add the home theater system of your dreams to the living room television, but space is a challenge. You have your receiver and amplifier, but the room is just not big enough for floor […]
    • Persona Praise Continues... October 20, 2017
      James Larson, of Audioholics writes: "The midrange frequencies of the 5F speakers are easily the best of any speaker I have had in my home thus far. I cannot imagine a loudspeaker with more midrange clarity; in this range the Persona 5F were superb. The bass felt natural and not boosted or otherwise disconnected from the […]
    • Paradigm Featured in Electronic House's Winning Homes October 4, 2017
      Paradigm products are featured in six of Electronic House's Home of the Year winning homes! Click here! to view the images of these exceptional homes!
    • Persona 9H Graces the Cover of TONEAudio October 4, 2017
      We're very proud to share this Persona cover and amazing review from TONEAudio!"Paradigm has created one of the world’s finest loudspeakers the right way, by applying what they’ve learned from decades of research, design and manufacturing know how to produce a speaker with no compromises. There’s nothing they don’t do, nothing they won’t play..." "It’s […]
    • Paradigm Visitors! October 4, 2017
      We've had the honour of hosting some very exciting guests at our facility in Mississauga lately. In August, we hosted our first-ever consumer factory tour! A fantastic group of Paradigm owners visited the factory, in honour of our 35th anniversary. A huge thank you to everyone who came out and spent the day with us!Additionally, […]
    • Paradigm Makes Three Exciting Announcements at CEDIA 2017 October 4, 2017
      The Paradigm team had a fantastic time at CEDIA 2017, and not just because of the beautiful weather! Paradigm introduced the new Décor Custom Collection. These custom-length, build-to-order speakers offer a sleek and seamless installation with flat-panel TVs for a completely tailored look, but with Paradigm high-performance sound. Décor speakers are Custom Crafted in Canada […]
    • Sound & Vision Gives the Persona 3F System 5 Stars Across the Board! July 31, 2017
      The stellar reviews keep rolling in! "What can I say? There are damn few speaker systems that I’d consider selling my children—or myself—for medical experiments to acquire. But the Persona 3F and the rest of the speakers in this Paradigm Persona system are so astounding, so unequivocally brilliant in their performance that they will convince […]
    • Persona 9H Labelled a "World Class Speaker" by TONEAudio July 31, 2017
      Fantastic feedback from the pros at TONEAudio:"The new Persona 9H from Paradigm Speakers f***ing rocks! You COULD drop a hundred grand on a pair of Wilsons, YG's or Magicos, (and none of these choices have ...powered woofers with built in) or you can spend $35,000 on a pair of Paradigms and the other $65,000 traveling […]
    • Getting Started with Vinyl July 31, 2017
      New to vinyl? Not sure where to start? Popular Mechanics outlines how to join the "vinyl revolution." We love that they've included a pair of Paradigm Atom Monitor bookshelf speakers in one of the recommended set-ups!Read the full article from Popular Mechanics and visit our website for more information about the Atom Monitor.