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    • Sound & Vision Gives the Persona 3F System 5 Stars Across the Board! July 31, 2017
      The stellar reviews keep rolling in! "What can I say? There are damn few speaker systems that I’d consider selling my children—or myself—for medical experiments to acquire. But the Persona 3F and the rest of the speakers in this Paradigm Persona system are so astounding, so unequivocally brilliant in their performance that they will convince […]
    • Persona 9H Labelled a "World Class Speaker" by TONEAudio July 31, 2017
      Fantastic feedback from the pros at TONEAudio:"The new Persona 9H from Paradigm Speakers f***ing rocks! You COULD drop a hundred grand on a pair of Wilsons, YG's or Magicos, (and none of these choices have ...powered woofers with built in) or you can spend $35,000 on a pair of Paradigms and the other $65,000 traveling […]
    • Getting Started with Vinyl July 31, 2017
      New to vinyl? Not sure where to start? Popular Mechanics outlines how to join the "vinyl revolution." We love that they've included a pair of Paradigm Atom Monitor bookshelf speakers in one of the recommended set-ups!Read the full article from Popular Mechanics and visit our website for more information about the Atom Monitor.
    • Paradigm at High End Munich 2017! May 31, 2017
      The team is back from a fantastic time at High End Munich 2017. The decidedly Canadian room featured a pair of custom red Persona 7Fs, along with two white Persona SUBs. Feedback from those attending the show was great and it was exciting to display the entire Persona lineup after debuting the Concept 4F at […]
    • Another exceptional review of the Persona Series! April 28, 2017
      Dennis Burger, Home Theater Review, spent some time with the Persona 3F (along with a pair of Persona Bs and a Persona C) and awarded it a resounding 5 stars across the board! So many great quotes, we couldn't choose just one! “…There's an undeniable high-end elegance to the speakers that pictures and words alone cannot […]
    • The "Sleek, Stylish, Sophisticated" 9H Graces the Cover of The Absolute Sound! April 28, 2017
      Anthony H. Cordesman’s outstanding review of the Persona 9H can be found in the April 2017 edition of The Absolute Sound."Let me begin with the conclusion. The Paradigm Persona 9H is a new assault on the state of the art in speaker design by one of Canada’s leading companies…[I]t’s one of the best speaker systems […]
    • "Paradigm Takes Brand to New Levels with Persona Speakers" April 28, 2017
      CE Pro speaks with John Rein, co-owner, Audio Video Therapy, LLC discusses how the Persona series is "exceeding all of our expectations" and says the speakers are "amazing." Watch the full video:Learn more about the entire Persona line on our website!
    • SoundStage! Shorts - Paradigm's Perforated Phase Alignment (PPA) Lenses April 28, 2017
      Learn about Persona's Perforated Phase Alignment (PPA) Lenses and how they impact what you hearLearn more about the entire Persona line on our website!
    • Paradigm's ISE Debut! April 27, 2017
      Paradigm made its ISE Debut earlier this year. It was a fantastic show and we can't wait to return in 2018!
    • A Must-Watch Video about the Persona 9H! April 27, 2017
      An incredible video of the history, development, design, and features of the Persona 9H from SoundStage! Network!Learn more about the entire Persona line on our website!