Excellence and Ease-of-Use
for Residential Clients

We use the same high-quality equipment, mentality and approach to creating home theaters, media rooms and outdoor living areas, as we do in office conference rooms, in hotel ballrooms and in staging live performances for Grammy-award winners. Whether a system is in someone’s living room, a stadium, or a corporate tower, we believe it demands an equally strong dedication to high-quality brands, detail and diligence in design and installation.  Without the proper infrastructure, all the bells and whistles in the world won’t work.

In addition to from-scratch whole-house audio, streaming video, and wireless networking to support audio and video in home offices and theaters, residential clients can call us in when big complicated systems purchased from someone else don’t perform as promised. Like ibuprofen, we can work quickly to relieve the headaches you’re having from the stress of someone else’s mistakes.

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