What we do during planning and installation:

  • Help you make sound decisions and develop clear objectives.
  • Assist you with making smart choices about equipment and incorporating components you already have.
  • Develop a specific detailed plan for your installation with a well-thought-out budget and schedule.
  • Use industry-standard equipment — our speaker brand has been deemed the top manufacturer for 22 of the past 24 years, our control systems are considered the top of the industry, etc.
  • Work with you and your architect, builder, and interior designer/decorator in the implementation of the approved plan.
  • Schedule and complete your work as quickly as possible while staying true to our very high standards.
  • Arrive with tools organized in bags and bins; leave the worksite neat, clean and ready to enjoy.
  • Carefully record the specifics of your installation so future, additions or modifications can be made efficiently and effectively.
  • Communicate honestly and transparently.

What we do after installation:

  • Periodically contact you to ensure that everything is working properly.
  • Offer plans for annual inspections for our installations to check for performance issues and system integrity.
  • Determine the cause of any problems and develop a plan with you to correct it.
  • Consider you a customer for life (we haven’t lost anybody yet).

What we DON’T do:

  • Talk you into buying something that isn’t worth what you paid for it.
  • See you as a test case for new equipment that doesn’t have a solid track record.
  • Make promises we can’t keep.
  • Use your installation to promote sales to other customers without your permission.